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Mobstacle Race Parcours

Price (all day) from:  €895,-

Mobstacle FIT

Price on request.

Mobstacle Teamboosters

Price on request.

Mobstacle Multi Hindernis

Price (all day) from €49,5-

Application form

Courses and trainings 

Type                                                                                                  Price

Obstaclerun training                                                                           On request

Obstacle Train the Trainer                                                               €85,- p.p.

Multi-day trainer training survival run                                    Only via SBN

Rental and other

Type                                                                                                Price

1 day rental MT-1 (trailer)                                                                 €495,- per day

1 weekend rental MT-1 (trailer)                                                    €850,- per wknd

1 month rental MT-1 (trailer)                                                          On request

1 year rental / buyrental MT-1 (trailer)                                    On request

Transportation costs                                                                         45 cent per km

Pay attention! All prices are exclusive of VAT and transport costs.

No transport costs are charged for an assignment within a radius of 15 km.

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