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Mobstacle Race Parcours

Discover what it is like to take an Obstacle Race course in teams, couples or individually. You will experience the route through a kind of clinic and you will try different climbing techniques. A Mobstacle trainer helps you to overcome various obstacles safely and quickly. Those who want to complete the race course on time can register for the race.

Mobstacle FIT

Do you want to do business by keeping your athletes fit in a fun and continuously varied way? Thanks to an optimal mix of boot camp, crossfit, running, HITT and obstacle racing, Mobstacle FIT offers you a unique and functional  concept. We are happy to help you as a substitute in sports with expertise and materials to realize this safely, conveniently and at almost all locations. By definition, the Mobstacle FIT concept allows you to develop all basic forms of movement, which leads to an enormous athletic development of your athletes. Because you as a trainer can quickly adjust the obstacles and exercises, this gives a lasting fun factor. The Mobstacle FIT concept can also specifically prepare your athletes for a safe and successful participation in an obstacle run

Team Development Training

All kinds of assignments from top sport, management, special units and applied psychology come as Obstacles on your team (s) and increase in time pressure and complexity as time progresses. We guarantee that together you will come to very effective solutions faster and faster. Every Team Booster ends with tips on how you can benefit from this in your daily practice. We are happy to offer packages from 2 hours to full days with accompanying expertise with more or less depth. Teams from colleges, companies and professional football organizations such as FC Twente, PEC Zwolle, De Graafschap and Oranje U19 preceded you.

Multi Obstacle

Are you soon organizing a mud, obstacle or survival run and are you looking for multifunctional obstacles / obstacles? We know how much time and energy this can cost and we are happy to help you with safe obstacles where you as an organizer can determine which climbing techniques you want. We offer climbing techniques from simple to complex. For example a net bridge, step loops, khomeini bridge, rings, lianas, monkey bars, stitch rings, short sticks, monster balls or pegboard.

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