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Team Mobstacle

The Mobstacle team consists of Eric van den Ham and Joey Bekendam.

Eric van den Ham

About 15 years survival run athlete with among others 3x Dutch Military Champion, 2x a 3rd place overall Top Class Short Survival Run and 2x winner Top Class Short Survival Run veterans 40+. 

Head coach THOR Zwolle

Rehabilitation, Strength, Endurance and Athletic Skills trainer

Multiple National and Military Champion Survivalrun

Nutrition advisor

Trainer Survivalrun Bond Nederland

Organization THOR RUN

Former Head of Physical Training & Sports Marine Corps

Joey Bekendam

Product developer (HTS mechanical engineering) with a passion for Survivalrun. Experience with engineering, project management and contract management at companies such as Stork Fokker, BMA Ergonomics, Arcadis, ProRail and Vitens.

Research & Development

CAD & 3D design

Contract and supplier management

Systems Engineering

Kitesurf / sports instructor

KSR survival run athlete and trainer

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